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MIT Club of Boston Night at Fenway Wed, Jul 30

Sold Out! 

Join the MIT Club of Boston, the Penn Club, and the Princeton Club of New England for a mid-summer night out at Fenway Park. Starting at 5pm, Wednesday July 30th, join us at the Baseball Tavern for a 2 hour pre-game party. Tickets include a full buffet and a beer/wine open bar. At 7pm our group will continue on to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays. This event is now open to current MIT Club of Boston Members and non-members! Tickets are limited so get yours today!

2014 Summer BBQ Sun, Aug 03

Join us for summer fun in the sun (and shade)!
Meet fellow alumni and the incoming freshmen from the Boston area. There will food, entertainment and fun for kids of all ages.

Volunteers (and three guests) attend free! Be sure to select the volunteer ticket and answer the survey (two hour minimum). All incoming freshmen Class of 2018 (with their families) and students who register early attend for free!

Early registration (by 11 PM on Wednesday, July 30)
    Members: $3 per person, kids 12 and under attend for free!
    Non-members: $10 per person
    Students (join the club for free): free

Late registration (after 11 PM on Wednesday, July 30 or at the door)
   Members: $8 per person, kids 12 and under attend for free!
   Non-members: $20 per person
   Member students (join for free): $3 per person
   Non-member students: $5 per person

BSS: Muriel Médard - Placing algebra into the network Thu, Oct 16

Please join us this fall for to hear from Prof. Muriel Médard, the Cecil E. Green Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. She is an expert in IP communication.

The talk will be held at The Broad Institute.  Food and beverages, including select wine and beer, will be served at the event.


New and Noteworthy

Volunteer Opportunity

Assistant VP for Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation
Characteristic Duties include:

  1. Reach out to every event coordinator to thank them for their service. Ask how the event went and whether they would do anything different in the future.
  2. Procure list of names of all who volunteered at each event. Encourage coordinator to personally thank each person.  Record names in database
  3. Provide names of those who have volunteered to newsletter editor to include in newsletter
  4. List names of those who volunteered in the current year on MIT COB website
  5. At least once a year, organize an event (with assistance from VP of Volunteer Development) to show appreciation for volunteers.

Requirements: Enthusiasm, good organization skills, positive attitude, inspirational!

Contact: Bonny S. Kellermann (bonnyk@MIT.EDU)

A Tough Decision

Kim Hunter '86, an Associate Director of Admissions at MIT and the Director of the Educational Council ran the Mock Admissions Workshop on Wednesday, June 18. It was a learning experience for everyone, and we got a glimpse of what an admissions officer goes through.  Thanks to Lucinda Linde '82 for putting together this article!

About 40 MIT Boston area alums read three anonymized, real applications and had to decide which one to admit, which one to defer and which one to deny. We divided in “committees” of 6 or 7 and debated the pros and cons of each student and came to a consensus within our committee. It was tough because each student would bring something very valuable to an entering class. We all learned a lot about how to look beyond the grades at the person behind the application. Then Kim took a tally of all the committees. I won’t tell the ending, because that would be a spoiler!

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Science Trivia Challenge

The Club of Boston’s 7th annual Science Trivia Challenge on April 17, 2013 was another resounding success.  Twenty-four teams - school-age and adult –joined Club volunteers and moderator Professor Walter Lewin for an evening of trivia ranging from bosons to biofuels to broccoli!  Each year, the four top-scoring teams enjoyed a meal with MIT Nobel Laureates, luminaries like Jerome Friedman, Robert Horvitz, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Phillip Sharp.

This coming year we add a new twist to our game: regular MIT and science trivia directly to your e-mail inbox!  If you joined us in April, keep playing along.  If you’re new to the Challenge, join us now!  Once a month, MIT-specific and  general science trivia questions will be included in the Club newsletter.

Click here to try out a few questions.


Affiliate Events

, Jul 30
Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers, Robotics Mentors
MIT Museum

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

A FREE opportunity for teachers, FIRST team mentors and all educators interested in Mindstorms, the history of robotics at MIT, and current NASA research on campus.

, Sep 01
MIT Alumni Association Externship Program: Volunteer Sponsors Wanted!

The MIT Alumni Association’s Externship Program is looking for alumni sponsors for the 2015 Externship Program. Connect with current MIT students, gain access to summer interns and future employees for your company, and increase student awareness of your company and industry.

The sponsors who have generously contributed to the 2013 Gala are listed here.
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