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BSS: Muriel Médard - Placing algebra into the network Thu, Oct 16

Have you ever spent 10 minutes trying to watch a 1 minute YouTube video on your mobile phone?  Part of the problem is that the data is being delivered using the 1970’s-designed internet protocol, which chops up the data into a series of small chunks called “packets”.  Prof. Muriel Médard, the Cecil E. Green Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, has a solution called random linear network coding that has the potential to improve wireless bandwidth by an order of magnitude by using algebraic equations that describe a series of packets.

Please join us at The Broad Institute to hear Prof. Médard explain this technology.  Food and beverages, including select wine and beer, will be served at the event.


New and Noteworthy

MIT Admissions Job Opening

Outside Reader

A limited number of part-time outside readers are being hired to assist with the review of freshman applications for admission to MIT.  Supervised by a member of the admissions staff, each outside reader will read, evaluate, and summarize applications in an assigned caseload.

The outside reader is required to attend a series of paid on-campus training sessions to take place in mid/late October.  Intermittent training may be conducted as needed beyond the initial training sessions.  The outside reader will be instructed in our evaluation protocols and be expected to thoughtfully apply them to each assigned file.  This includes carefully evaluating academic records, letters of recommendation, student-written essays, co/extra-curricular commitments and achievements, and interview reports.

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Science Trivia Challenge

The Club of Boston’s 7th annual Science Trivia Challenge on April 17, 2013 was another resounding success.  Twenty-four teams - school-age and adult –joined Club volunteers and moderator Professor Walter Lewin for an evening of trivia ranging from bosons to biofuels to broccoli!  Each year, the four top-scoring teams enjoyed a meal with MIT Nobel Laureates, luminaries like Jerome Friedman, Robert Horvitz, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Phillip Sharp.

This coming year we add a new twist to our game: regular MIT and science trivia directly to your e-mail inbox!  If you joined us in April, keep playing along.  If you’re new to the Challenge, join us now!  Once a month, MIT-specific and  general science trivia questions will be included in the Club newsletter.

Click here to try out a few questions.


Affiliate Events

, Sep 01
MIT Alumni Association Externship Program: Volunteer Sponsors Wanted!

The MIT Alumni Association’s Externship Program is looking for alumni sponsors for the 2015 Externship Program. Connect with current MIT students, gain access to summer interns and future employees for your company, and increase student awareness of your company and industry.

, Sep 16
SOLUTIONS with/in/sight: Women Converge on Cancer

Join three staunch advocates for cancer research to learn more about the personal journeys and powerful collaborations at the fore in the fight against cancer. These leaders embody the perseverance, partnerships, and progress that move the field forward.

, Sep 23
EmTech 2014
Thu, Sep 25, Media Lab
The EmTech conference showcases the most important emerging technologies and explains their impact.  It provides access to the latest technologies and trends and the opportunity to make connections with innovators and senior-level decision makers from the business, investment, and technology communities.

, Sep 23
Raising a Compassionate and Caring Child

Discovery Museum Speaker Series:
Heather Jack will share what she has learned about how best to help kids relate to others, find their place in the larger community, and help them develop their individual sense of compassion and responsibility.

, Oct 02
MIT10 Happy Hour: Cambridge

6pm – 8pm, Thursday, October 2, 2014

Location: TBD

, Oct 22
Celebrating 100 years of MIT Aerospace
The program will include:
Day 1: History of Aviation and Space Exploration program; Exhibit and Reception
Day 2: Future of Aerospace talks and panels; Kennedy Library reception and dinner
Day 3: Aerospace education; posters, exhibits, lab tours

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