Volunteer or Join a Group

Volunteer or Join a Group
Volunteer Opportunities

The MIT Club of Boston hosts over one hundred events every year. The success of all these events depends on the tireless efforts of our volunteers. Browse through the open volunteer positions below and see what matches your interests.

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Volunteer for individual committees:
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Open volunteer positions:

Assistant VP for Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation

Characteristic Duties include:

  1. Reach out to every event coordinator to thank them for their service. Ask how the event went and whether they would do anything different in the future.
  2. Procure list of names of all who volunteered at each event. Encourage coordinator to personally thank each person.  Record names in database
  3. Provide names of those who have volunteered to newsletter editor to include in newsletter
  4. List names of those who volunteered in the current year on MIT COB website
  5. At least once a year, organize an event (with assistance from VP of Volunteer Development) to show appreciation for volunteers.
Requirements: Enthusiasm, good organization, positive attitude, inspirational

If interested, please contact Bonny Kellermann <bonnyk@alum.mit.edu>.

Volunteer mailing list

The Club of Boston has an email list with hundreds of recipients interested in volunteering with events and activities. The email list is a low-traffic list where volunteer opportunities are announced both for events on a per-need basis and for volunteer roles for the Club. 


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