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MITCOB Fall/Winter/IAP IM Sports: Sept -Oct. Wed, Sep 14

Get involved with the MIT Club of Boston this fall and play an IM sport! Sports offered include air pistol, basketball, and ice hockey. There is a yearly fee of $35 for active MITCOB members and $55 for non-members. We are actively recruiting captains for all sports!  REGISTER BY 9/14 TO QUALIFY TO PLAY!

MIT: The Campus Guide - Book Talk & Signing Wed, Nov 02

Join us for a book-talk and signing with Douglass Shand-Tucci, author of MIT: The Campus Guide.

MIT: The Campus Guide details the architectural history of the institution, from its founding in Boston’s Back Bay (and subsequent move across the Charles River) to the present. With the school’s emphasis on science, engineering, and mathematics, MIT sheds light on how the campus has played a role in the evolution of the school by highlighting the many innovators (including William Barton Rogers, Steven Holl, Frank Gehry, and more) that have transformed the campus. With stunning photography by John Horner and eight featured walking tours, MIT: The Campus Guide is a comprehensive, visual guide of this great institution.

MIT Pop-Up Night Thu, Nov 17

Harvard Club of Boston seal

This event has reached capacity. Please visit https://goo.gl/forms/SJI3GnbuzCBNVCcx2 to be placed on the waitlist.

Join us for food and drinks at the Harvard Club's downtown clubhouse. Located in the heart of the financial district, the clubhouse offers panoramic views of Boston, the waterfront, and (of course) MIT.
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Volunteers Needed

The MITCOB is seeking volunteers for leadership positions. Please see information at Vacant Positions.

MITCOB Scholarship Fund

The MIT Club of Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund was established on December 2, 1985 by an initial gift of the MIT Club of Boston on November 5, 1985.

The Fund shall be held as an endowment and additions to the Fund may be made at any time by the Club or members.  The annual net income of the Fund will be applied to undergraduate financial aid, except that first preference shall be given to undergraduate students who are club member relatives and second preference to Greater Boston residents, in accordance with the student financial aid policies of the Institute.

In establishing the Fund, the MIT Club of Boston recognized the importance of endowed scholarships to support the Institute’s commitment to providing need-based financial aid to undergraduate students. 

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Affiliate Events

, Oct 29
Welcome to the Jungle
What does the jungle sound like? Learn how animals make and hear sounds in one of the noisiest habitats on Earth. Come and meet a primatologist who studies the behavior and communication of chimpanzees, the closest relatives of humans. Volunteers will be able to help with demonstrations on stage.

, Oct 29
How to Make a Superhero
Have you ever wondered what goes into becoming a superhero? What is a super suit made out of and how hard it is to maintain a secret identity? Join us for a evening of engaging conversations with super researchers who know a bit about the gadgets, materials, and psyche of superheros. 21+, $20 in advance.

, Nov 02
What Exactly Is Play, and Why Is It Such a Powerful Vehicle for Learning?
"Play" commonly refers to children's and some adult activities. But what, really, is play? Dr. Peter Gray will define play and show play’s educational and developmental value. He will explain why play came about, in natural selection, to promote children’s healthy development.

, Nov 22
A Journey from Acton, MA to Silicon Valley
Drew Houston an American internet entrepreneur, born and raised in Acton, MA, is the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox. In a fireside chat with The Discovery Museums CEO, Neil Gordon, learn about Drew’s journey from exploring his dad’s office as a kid to bringing his ideas to Silicon Valley.

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