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Upcoming Club Events

MITCOB Board Meeting Mon, Dec 07

We will be meeting from December 7 from 6PM to 7:30 PM in MIT E51-390.

MIT10 Brunch @ Cambridge Brewing Company Sat, Dec 12

Save the date for a MIT10 brunch @ the Cambridge Brewing Company. Come mingle with other MIT10 graduates and make new friends if you're just returning to Boston! Nominal $5/$10 fee (member/non-member) will go towards first round of beverages. Seating is limited, so register early to save your spot! Register by Thursday 12/10.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Musical Sun, Jan 10

Join the MIT Club of Boston as Disney's Beauty and the Beast swings by the Boston Opera House. Based on the Academy Award® winning animated feature film, this eye popping spectacle has won the hearts of over 35 million people worldwide. A limited block of tickets in the Mezzanine center section has been reserved for the Sunday, January 10, 2016 6:30pm show. Pricing: Members and guests: $50 / Non-members and guests: $60. Registration ends Friday, December 4th.

Science Trivia Challenge 2016 Team Entries Wed, Apr 20


The Science Trivia Challenge (STC) is a friendly, spirited contest hosted by the MIT Club of Boston that is part of the Cambridge Science Festival, organized annually by the MIT Museum. The ninth annual Challenge is scheduled for Wednesday evening, April 20, 2016. [Learn more about STC]

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New and Noteworthy

Open MITCOB Leadership Positions

Social Media Manager
The club currently has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We are seeking a volunteer to help maintain our presence, scheduling postings and responding to messages when necessary. Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week. Contact Clinton Blackburn at cblackburn@mitcob.org if you are interested in this position.

Chair of Professional Development

The professional development chair is responsible for organizing events that are focused on career development and connecting members within, and across, industries. Previous events have included happy hours, career panels, and lectures, to name a few. Our goal is to organize an even every 1-2 months. Time commitment: 2 hours per week. Contact Clinton Blackburn at cblackburn@mitcob.org if you are interested in this position.

Climate CoLab is seeking a talented full-time web developer

The MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI) http://cci.mit.edu seeks to understand how crowds and experts can be combined to address large complex problems. CCI has already developed the Climate CoLab (see http://climatecolab.org), a project in which a rapidly growing community of more than 35,000 members, working with world-renowned experts, uses an online forum to develop and evaluate proposals about what to do about climate change. Another project, which is in the early stages, will apply crowdsourcing to gain insights into the future of work. CCI envisions that the underlying software engine that drives both of the projects described above can serve as a general-purpose online platform for solving complex social problems (we sometimes refer to this vision as X CoLab, where X can be any large problem). We are currently exploring collaboration with several other organizations to apply the software in this way. We seek a Web Developer to contribute to maintaining and extending this tool.
Full job posting and specs:  http://web.mit.edu/sloan-hr/jobs/2015-08CoLabWebDeveloper(00000002).pdf.

BIEN: Entrepreneur Leadership Support & Mentorship Group

The MITSBAA, spearheaded by Neheet Trivedi, is launching a leadership, support & mentorship group for a small number of alumni on their entrepreneurial journey.  This group, moderated by Melissa Webber, an expert faciliator, will provide a confidential setting to get real with fellow entrepreneurs in the trenches and learn from each other. The group would meet for three to six months, once or twice a month for two hours on a weekday evening, starting January 2016.

For more information, click HERE

MSRP seeking alumni to share their experiences and offer academic/career advice.

Each year, the MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP) brings around 40 talented undergraduates from diverse backgrounds to the Institute for nine weeks to conduct research under the guidance of MIT faculty, attend academic and professional development seminars, and participate in social and cultural activities.

MSRP began in 1986 as an institutional effort to increase participation by underrepresented graduate engineering and science programs in the US, and has a mission of promoting the value of graduate education; improving the research enterprise through increased diversity; and preparing and recruiting the best and brightest for graduate education at MIT.

MSRP would like to connect our summer students to MIT alumni who could share their experiences and offer academic and career advice. If you are an MIT alumna/alumnus and are open to being contacted by MSRP participants during the summer, please get in touch! You can reach us at msrp@mit.edu.

MITCOB Scholarship Fund

The MIT Club of Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund was established on December 2, 1985 by an initial gift of the MIT Club of Boston on November 5, 1985.

The Fund shall be held as an endowment and additions to the Fund may be made at any time by the Club or members.  The annual net income of the Fund will be applied to undergraduate financial aid, except that first preference shall be given to undergraduate students who are club member relatives and second preference to Greater Boston residents, in accordance with the student financial aid policies of the Institute.

In establishing the Fund, the MIT Club of Boston recognized the importance of endowed scholarships to support the Institute’s commitment to providing need-based financial aid to undergraduate students. 

FY2015 MITCOB Scholarship Fund Recipient

Dear MIT Club of Boston,

Thank you for your generous support of the MIT Club of Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund. As the cost of an MIT education increases annually, the role of scholarships in ensuring both access and affordability becomes more critical. About 56% of MIT undergraduates receive need-based financial aid, and generous donors like yourselves allow us to admit students regardless of their financial

The student scholars who benefit from alumni-supported scholarship funds are talented and ambitious - traits that will allow them to succeed at MIT and beyond. Your gifts not only allow the best and brightest students to flourish at the Institute, but also demonstrate the importance of philanthropy for these future alumni.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. On behalf of the Alumni Association and MIT, I thank the alumni and friends who contribute to this fund, and the leadership who continue to make scholarships a fundraising priority.


Beth McGonagle

Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, MIT Annual Fund

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Affiliate Events

, Nov 27
Volunteers Needed - Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction
Alums, why not avoid Black Friday and help out at the giant Rube Goldberg event that is the annual Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction?! Volunteers get a free MIT Museum t-shirt, breakfast and/or lunch, and the joy of sharing how awesome engineering and innovation can be with the community!

, Nov 27
FAT Chain Reaction
What is the Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction? A grand event that could only happen at MIT! Participants link their chain reaction devices together forming one mega chain reaction – set off at the end as the event's thrilling culmination.

, Dec 04
Prof. Sherry Turkle on “Reclaiming Conversation”
Professor Sherry Turkle shares her recent research on our relationships with technology and observations on how the digital age is affecting our humanity. All can appreciate her insights, especially those to come of age in the smart phone era. In a review of her just-released book, the New York Times referred to her as “a singular voice in the discourse about technology”.

, Dec 05
Assemble new AgileAtoms DNA, RNA, and boxes (AM)  and/or Build then Check and Permanently Glue Prebuilt kits (PM) to create "hands on" way for middle and high school students to learn about biological processes like protein synthesis (aka translation).

, Dec 05
Breaking the Mold
An initiative by MIT Sloan Women in Management aimed at starting a conversation about unconscious bias and developing approaches to manage these biases on the road towards equal opportunity for all. Business leaders across industries who are actively seeking to counter structural biases in their institutions will speak about their experiences!

, Dec 05
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Did you know that your smoke alarm uses nuclear physics, or that people used to eat off uranium-glazed plates? How can nuclear science and engineering be used to safely create everything from smoke alarms to cancer treatments to electric power plants? Come find out!

, Dec 09
Big Data Speaker Series: The Smart City of Tomorrow, Today
Sandra Richter is the 2014 co-founder and CEO of the MIT Media Lab spinoff, Soofa. Soofa has since grown into an industry leader for smart and sustainable cities presenting the Soofa Bench across the world.

, Dec 10
Internet Privacy and Accountability (Club of Rhode Island)
The MIT Clubs of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts invites you to their joint Fall 2015 Dinner/Speaker event featuring MIT Professor Hal Abelson, Class of 1922 Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

, Dec 12
Science on Saturday - Robotics
You've seen robots in movies, but what can real robots do? What kinds of robots can you buy now? How can you build your own robot? Participants will meet a champion competition robot in person and control its movements! This presentation is ideal for 5-year-olds and older.

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