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BSS: Culture, History and Lore of Hacking at MIT Wed, Apr 01

The word hack at MIT usually refers to a clever, benign and "ethical" prank or practical joke, which is both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the MIT community (and sometimes even the rest of the world!). Come hear about the culture, history, and Lore of Hacking at MIT, including some great stories about some little known hacks. No fooling - this event is guaranteed to be a fun and fascinating evening.

If you would like to promote your company by sponsoring the event, please contact lmorales@mitcob.org subject=Hacking%20sponsorship.

Campus Preview Weekend 2015 Parents Reception Fri, Apr 17

 Over 1,000 newly admitted students will visit the campus in April during CPW (Campus Preview Weekend) to experience life at MIT first hand. Many of these students will be accompanied by one or more of their parents. Parent impressions of a college campus play a critical role in students' decisions about where to attend college.

The MIT Club of Boston is joining with the Admissions Office and the Parent Connector program to host a reception specifically for parents. We are looking for alumni/ae who are willing to mingle with parents and help them understand the benefits of the experience of being a student at MIT. 

This is a free event, but please be sure to RSVP to assist with planning.


Science Trivia Challenge 2015 Volunteers Wed, Apr 22


Science Trivia Challenge 2015 Team Entries Wed, Apr 22

The Science Trivia Challenge (STC) is a friendly, spirited contest hosted by the MIT Club of Boston that is part of the Cambridge Science Festival, organized annually by the MIT Museum. The ninth annual Challenge is scheduled for Wednesday evening, April 22, 2015. [Learn more about STC]

BSS: The Story of E Ink - From Electronic Ink to Electronic Paint Tue, May 05

Michale McCrearyWe are excited to have a special Boston Seminar Series dinner held jointly with the Harvard Club of Boston. Dr. Michael McCreary PhD '73, Chief Technology Officer of E Ink Corporation, will speak about the history of E Ink and the technology of advanced reflective imaging technologies.

Dinner will be held at the Downtown Harvard Club, with beautiful views of Boston Harbor. Thanks to our sponsor, E Ink, we have a special price for members of the MIT Club of Boston.

Disney's Newsies Sun, Jun 28

Join the MIT Club of Boston as Disney's Newsies swings by the Boston Opera House. Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography. A block of tickets on the Mezzanine level has been reserved for the Sunday, June 28, 2015 6:30pm show. Pricing: Members and guests: $55 / Non-members and guests: $65.

Cirque du Soleil: Varekai Sun, Jul 19

Deep within a forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world - a world where something else is possible. A world called Varekai.

From the sky falls a solitary young man, and the story of Varekai begins. Parachuted into the shadows of a magical forest, a kaleidoscopic world populated by fantastical creatures, this young man sets off on an adventure both absurd and extraordinary. On this day at the edge of time, in this place of all possibilities, begins an inspired incantation to life rediscovered.

The word Varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies the universal wanderers. This production pays tribute to the nomadic soul, to the spirit and art of the circus tradition, and to the infinite passion of those whose quest takes them along the path that leads to Varekai.


New and Noteworthy

BSS: Sam Madden Video

This was a tough winter, so I wanted to thank all of the people who were able to attend the BSS with Prof. Sam Madden on February 3 at the Microsoft NERD Center. We had to delay his talk a day due to the 15 or so inches of snow that fell the day before, but we still had an enthusiastic crowd. We started late due to the horrendous traffic in Kendall Square caused by the snow-blocked lanes throughout the city, but there was plenty of food, beer and wine to keep people happy until more people could arrive.  Prof. Madden still managed to talk for one hours - he was our champ of the night!

Prof. Sam Madden '99, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, spoke about big data, one of the hottest topics in computer science. At MIT, he recently started two "big data" initiatives:  the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Big Data, and BigData@CSAIL, and industry-sponsored consortium.  In this talk, he gave a bit of background about what big data is, why industry is so excited about it, and his own perspective on the challenging research problems it brings up.  He also described a couple of "big data" research projects, including BlinkDB, an approximate query processor built on Apache Hive, and DataHub, a new system helping teams of researchers collaborate on data sets. Prof. Madden answered many question throughout the talk and at the end.

The revised Sam Madden video can be seen here.

FY2015 MITCOB Scholarship Fund Recipient

Dear MIT Club of Boston,

Thank you for your generous support of the MIT Club of Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund. As the cost of an MIT education increases annually, the role of scholarships in ensuring both access and affordability becomes more critical. About 56% of MIT undergraduates receive need-based financial aid, and generous donors like yourselves allow us to admit students regardless of their financial

The student scholars who benefit from alumni-supported scholarship funds are talented and ambitious - traits that will allow them to succeed at MIT and beyond. Your gifts not only allow the best and brightest students to flourish at the Institute, but also demonstrate the importance of philanthropy for these future alumni.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. On behalf of the Alumni Association and MIT, I thank the alumni and friends who contribute to this fund, and the leadership who continue to make scholarships a fundraising priority.


Beth McGonagle

Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship, MIT Annual Fund

MIT Admissions Job Opening (full time)

Director of the Educational Council

The Director of the Educational Council is a leadership position in the MIT Office of Admissions with the primary responsibility of managing the Educational Council, an organization of approximately 4,500 alumni/ae volunteers who serve MIT’s admissions process by providing outreach to students and high schools and interviewing applicants. Reporting to the Director of Admissions, the Director of the Educational Council serves as an admissions officer, reading applications and serving on the admissions committee as well as doing outreach programs on campus and beyond. A degree from MIT will be considered an advantage, and appreciation of MIT’s mission and culture is essential

If you are interested in the position, please see the posting on MIT's jobs site: http://bit.ly/ECDirector.  If you have any questions, drop us an email at ECdirectorSearch@mit.edu

MITCOB Scholarship Fund

The MIT Club of Boston Endowed Scholarship Fund was established on December 2, 1985 by an initial gift of the MIT Club of Boston on November 5, 1985.

The Fund shall be held as an endowment and additions to the Fund may be made at any time by the Club or members.  The annual net income of the Fund will be applied to undergraduate financial aid, except that first preference shall be given to undergraduate students who are club member relatives and second preference to Greater Boston residents, in accordance with the student financial aid policies of the Institute.

In establishing the Fund, the MIT Club of Boston recognized the importance of endowed scholarships to support the Institute’s commitment to providing need-based financial aid to undergraduate students. 

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Science Trivia Challenge

The Club of Boston’s 7th annual Science Trivia Challenge on April 17, 2013 was another resounding success.  Twenty-four teams - school-age and adult –joined Club volunteers and moderator Professor Walter Lewin for an evening of trivia ranging from bosons to biofuels to broccoli!  Each year, the four top-scoring teams enjoyed a meal with MIT Nobel Laureates, luminaries like Jerome Friedman, Robert Horvitz, Wolfgang Ketterle, and Phillip Sharp.

This coming year we add a new twist to our game: regular MIT and science trivia directly to your e-mail inbox!  If you joined us in April, keep playing along.  If you’re new to the Challenge, join us now!  Once a month, MIT-specific and  general science trivia questions will be included in the Club newsletter.

Click here to try out a few questions.


Affiliate Events

, Apr 01
Learn about Student Leadership
Last year the MIT Division of Student Life initiated its DSL Speaker Series to bring current topics in student life to the entire MIT community. The next offering in the series focuses on the area of student leadership. Dr. Susan Komives is an award-winning teacher, researcher, and author in student leadership development.

, Apr 13
From Diapers to Diploma: A Healthier Way for Your Child's Path to College
Parents start to worry early about college admissions so by middle school, kids are thrust into competition for the Ivy League. That's built on a myth: that success hinges on going to a highly selective school. Frank Bruni talks about a better, healthier way to approach all of this.

, Apr 21
Try a flight simulator, compressed air model rockets. Get close to jet engines, a centrifuge, the historic Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel, and so much more at the AeroAstro Open House! AeroAstro Open House is part of the Cambridge Science Festival's Across MIT Day

The sponsors who have generously contributed to the 2013 Gala are listed here.